Oil and Gas Industry:

- Gas Processing & Treating
- Gas Transmission
- Oil & Gas Production
- Oil Refining

Other Industries:

- Chemical & Petrochemical
- Pharmaceutical & Bioprocessing
- Power Generation
- Food & Beverage
- Electronics Manufacturing
- Water Purification
- General Industrial

Aviation Fuel

IDI's largest "core" market is the hydrocarbon process industry. Within this market sector, IDI provides a full range of filtration, separation, and purification solutions.

IDI provides process purification technologies for a wide range of industries. Whether your challenge is the removal of hydrocarbon from amine, removal of fine aerosols in gas streams, or removal of contaminants critical to maximize hydrotreater catalyst life of mole sieve beds, we provide innovative, cost effective solutions for these applications and many others.

Primary segments within the hydrocarbon process industry are:

- Oil Refineries
- Natural Gas Processing and Treating Facilities
- Natural Gas Compression Facilities
- Natural Gas Transmission and Storage Facilities
- Chemical and Petrochemical Processing Plants
- Produced Water Disposal Facilities
- Refined Product Terminals
- Aviation Fuel Storage and Airport Facilities

Other key industries served include:

- Food and Beverage
- Pharmaceutical and Bioprocessing Facilities
- Electronics Manufacturing
- Water Purification
- Power Generation